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RECYCLE BATTERIES at Goldsboro Metal Recycling – 801 N. John St, Goldsboro, NC, 27530 – 919-731-5600

February 17th, 2015

Goldsboro Metal Recycling 801 N. John St Goldsboro, NC 27530 Battery Recycling is a new and growing part of what we do at Goldsboro Metal Recycling.  Batteries are extremely toxic to the environment when not properly recycled. Help keep North Carolina Green and BRING YOUR BATTERIES TO GOLDSBORO METAL RECYCLING! We buy almost all types of […]

BATTERY RECYCLING! We buy SMALL LEAD ACID, NICKEL-CADMIUM, LITHIUM ION, CAR and TRUCK BATTERIES, AND MORE at Goldsboro Metal Recycling! 801 N John St, Goldsboro, NC, 27530, (919) 731-5600

November 12th, 2014

Old batteries piling up around the house? Bring them into Goldsboro Metal Recycling.  Car Batteries Are Worth 22 Cents Per Pound (subject to change) Recycle your batteries at GOLDSBORO METAL RECYCLING! Batteries should be handled with caution, as they contain toxic, poisonous materials. BRING IN THESE TYPES OF BATTERIES TO ENSURE THEIR SAFE, ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS […]

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