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Junk Cars, salvage cars are welcome at Goldsboro Metal Recycling!

July 5th, 2013

Junk Cars, Salvage Cars in Goldsboro, NC, LaGrange, NC North Carolina WE TOW!  Call 919-758-3764CASH ON THE SPOT!!OR  Drive in, tow in, Push in!Junk cars (broken cars) and salvage cars are always welcome at Goldsboro Metal Recycling. That’s right, folks! We want you all to know that if you have a junk car (i.e. a broken […]

Junk Cars for Cash in Goldsboro, North Carolina, NC

December 30th, 2012

Junk Cars for Cash in Goldsboro, NC, North CarolinaJunk Cars are a sad story and a good story.  It is sad to Junk a Car due to even though you are getting Cash, many love their cars.  At least we make if less painful.  The good news is that many times you are getting a new […]

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