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Copper Scrap Metal Recycling at a Goldsboro Scrap Metal Recycling Facility! Goldsboro Metal Recycling 801 N John St, Goldsboro, NC, 27530, Tel: 919-731-5600

January 22nd, 2015

Goldsboro Metal Recycling 801 N John St Goldsboro, NC, 27530 Tel 919-731-5600 This Grade of Copper Wire is “Bare Bright”.“Bare Bright” Copper Wire Must Be a Certain Color and Width. Goldsboro Metal Recycling buys all types of copper including: ·         Bare Bright Copper ·         #1 Copper ·         #2 Copper ·         Insulated Copper ·         #2 Insulated […]

Wire at Goldsboro Scrap Metal Recycling, 801 N. John St, Goldsboro, NC, 27530, 919-731-5600

October 27th, 2014

 Our Current prices for insulated wire ranges from 25 cents to $1.72 per pound   We want to buy your WIRE at Goldsboro Scrap Metal Recycling. We buy all kinds of wire at our facility. Price of wire depends on the type of metal, insulation, and the thickness of the metal. We accept all types […]

Copper Scrap at Goldsboro Metal Recycling, 801 N. John St., Goldsboro, NC 27530

October 21st, 2014

Goldsboro Scrap Metal Recycling : Copper Copper is a great product that comes in many different grades. We pay the most money for a product called “Bare Bright” (shown in picture) which can be identified by its bright, completely untarnished surface. Of course we buy all types of copper, including stripped or unstripped wire and extension cords. […]

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