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Scrap Metal Prices
Goldsboro Metal Recycling
Scrap Metal Prices as we unfortunately thought would happen are now down significantly.  Prices for most steel dropped $1.00/Hundred pounds Tuesday.  Yesterday, we dropped another $.75/Hundred on most steel and $.50/Hundred on cars and ‘shred’ (appliances/mixed metals).
This of course is good news for companies that buy steel, due to finished goods steel is falling in price, but scrap metal is now at lows not seen since late 2008, 7 years ago.

In this tough market we are still Goldsboro Recycling at its best.  We are not just a Junk Yard or a Salvage yard, we are the best Recycling Center in Wayne County, NC working with our customers to pay the most possible in this very tough market.
While prices are low, we remain the best service, scrap yard, salvage yard for all you scrap metal recycling.
Greg Brown

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