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NC Scrap Metal Prices in Goldsboro
Scrap Metal Prices are now the lowest that have been since 2009.  Copper which  hit a high of $4.66 on COMEX dropped to $2.31 this week, less than half of what it was.

Steel, Cars and Appliances are about a less than a third of what they were.  

There is not an easy answer.  At Goldsboro Metal Recycling we do our best to pay you the most per pound for your Scrap Metal, Copper, Aluminum, Junk Cars, Computers, Old Appliances and more, but the amount we get is now at multi year lows.

The U.S. economy is not what we want it to be, but it is OK.  North Carolina’s economy is better than most states.  The problem is China uses more than half the world’s metal and their economy has slowed down significantly.  If they are not using a lot of metal, prices come down.

We are not just the average junk yard or salvage yard.  We remain a full service Goldsboro Recycling Center right here in Wayne County.  We are the Convenience Center that pays you cash for your metal trash when you recycle, even your old aluminum cans.

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Scrap Metal prices per pound
Goldsboro Scrap Metal Copper Prices per pound

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