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The commodity markets remain very unstable.  Note the below major steel (heavy melt) price drop in February that at the time no one had forecast.  When the below heavy melt/steel graph is updated in a day to two (the below heavy melt graph is week old), it will show an approx. $20/GT drop and we are hearing there could be another $25+ drop next month. 

As for copper (see below), about two weeks ago, we had a period of a couple of weeks of stable to slight increase in prices.  Then days after the U.S. reported:

-the best car sales in about 10 years in June,

-the best depending home sales in June in 9 years

-Lowest unemployment rate in 9 years for June

-The oil rig count went up for the first time the previous week, after 29 weeks of declines (oil rigs use a lot of steel)

….after all the above good news, China’s stock market was coming unglued (dropped 36% in 29 days) and the Greek issue became ugly, so copper hit new approx. 6+ year low, again, days after all the U.S. great news.

As said, prices in the steel (heavy melt) graph below will show lower data in a day or so and could go down next month.  If things remain stable in the U.S. and globally, my best forecast would be that prices could be about $10/GT lower near the end of the year then they are today and copper could be $.15+ lower. 

I will end with being like a true economist and say, ‘on the other hand’, if China pumps money into their economy and oil prices dive, that will be a key boost to the global economy, and prices could rise, but I am not ‘banking’ on that.

Greg Brown

Note this is an old graph that when updated will be about $20/GT lower

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