Today’s Goldsboro, NC Scrap Metal Recycling Prices per Pound for Copper, Aluminum Cans, Salavge Yards, 919-731-5600, 27530

Today’s Goldsboro, NC Scrap Metal
Recycling Prices Per Pound
In Goldsboro, NC, LaGrange, NC

Recycling Prices- 8/9/14
For Copper, Aluminum, Steel
Sell your Junk Car for Cash!
Goldsboro Recycling Center
Junk Yard, Salvage Yard
Goldsboro Metal Recycling
801 N. John Street
Goldsboro, NC


-Great Prices

-Outstanding Service

-Industrial Pick Up and Public Drop off

-5 Digital Scales to get you in and out-FAST!

-Junk Cars-We TOW, or you Drive in, or Tow in

Scrap metal prices have been steady.  Almost no change, but we do think that copper may come down.  See below, an article that China remains a major importer of scrap.  We are doing our best to pay the most we can.  See the bottom of this email for some other thoughts on the market.


Goldsboro Metal Recycling here in Goldsboro, NC, is where always do our best to pay you the most for scrap metal every day.  We communicate 24/7 with you, our prices to make it easy for you. When you call our phone number 919-731-5600 you will hear a recording with “Today’s prices” where we buy and sell scrap metal at great prices per pound.  This is for:

-Steel Recycling

-Cast Iron Recycling

-Copper Recycling

-Yellow Brass Recycling

-Red Brass Recycling

-Aluminum Recycling

-Aluminum Can Recycling

-Appliance Recycling

-Computer Recycling

-Electronics Recycling

-Junk Cars

-Salvage Cars

-Stainless Steel Recycling

-Battery Recycling

-and more.

We continue to have a three part focus at Goldsboro Recycling
1) Public (Drop off)-or we pick up Junk Cars
2) Industrial/Commercial customers
3) Demolition Customers

If you are a large Commercial, Industrial or Demolition company, you should call call me, Greg at 919-731-5600.  We can give you prices for scrap metal, Cardboard, Copper, Electronics, Computers and more.
An important part of our company is that we have 6 digital, NC State certified scales that we use to service our Industrial and Commercial Customers.  Almost double our closest competitor, meaning we get you in and out fast and with accuracy!  We are not just a Junk Yard or a Salvage Yard, or even a Scrap Yard.  We are a major Goldsboro, NC, Recycling Center.

Importantly, we sell direct to Steel mills or divisions of steel mills, not to middle men who take a commission, so we pass that savings on to you!  We even ship our steel out mostly by rail car (not trucks) to save money in shipping, which we pass on to you

JUNK CARS, Salvage CarsDrive it in, or you tow it in!Get Cash on the spot
-Any condition
-In and out fast!
-Sell your junk car for cash
Come to us at:
When in Goldsboro, LaGrange, Kinston, Mt. Olive, Smithfield, New Bern, come see us at:
Goldsboro Recycling
801 N. John St.
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Tel: 919-731-5600

Disappointment On a Global Scale: Global markets across the board were down last week after disappointing economic news came out, hammering stock markets as well as commodities. PMI from Italy and Spain at .9 and Britain at 1.8 were all well below expectations and EU consumer prices were only .4% higher in July, the 10th straight month at a level below the 1% target. Argentina defaulted on its debt and Portugal’s second largest bank reported a quarterly loss after it found more bad loans than  expected.


Here in the US the Q2 GDP came in at 4% after a -2.1% showing in Q1 and labor costs rose .6% as well in the same quarter (stagnant wages help restrain consumer spending). The Fed reduced its bond buying program from $35 billion down to $25 and noted that although the unemployment rate is 6.1%, “there remains significant underutilization of labor resources” which will keep interest rates and inflation low in the near term.  Some economists forecast a 3% growth rate for the rest of the year, well above the Fed’s target of 2%. The Fed wants to wait a “considerable time” after the bond buying program comes to an end before raising interest rates.

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