Today’s Scrap Metal Prices per pound, Goldsboro, NC 27530, Copper, Aluminum, Junk Cars,

Today’s Scrap Metal Prices per Pound
in Goldsboro, NC, LaGrange, NC
North Carolina-4/26/14/13
Great Prices
-Outstanding Service
-Industrial and Public Welcome
-6 Digital Scales to get you in and out-FAST!
-Junk Cars-We TOW, or you Drive in, or Tow in
Scrap Metal Recycling prices in Goldsboro, NC Scrap remain steady this week.  We remain ready to support Companies and Demolition contractors.  If you from the public, come get cash for your metal trash. Time to sell us your scrap metal. 
If you have a Junk Car around, time to sell that.  We raised prices, yet again a few weeks ago, so now copper and steel are up.  As said, the good news is we think steel prices could remain steady for a couple of months.  As discussed, due to soft demand from China, Turkey and the US is doing well, but not great. As said, it is not clear what will happen the rest of the year.  For items like copper, you can actually go to websites like and watch the price of copper change every few seconds during the week.  Steel as many know usually changes once a month, but there is even no certainty to that.  As we wrote, there have been some articles that copper could go down next year.
Goldsboro Metal Recycling has a goal to always do our best to pay you the most for scrap metal every day.  We also try to communicate the price to make it easy for you.  When you call our phone number 919-731-5600 and you will hear a recording with “Today’s prices”.  This is for:
-Cast Iron
-Yellow Brass
-Red Brass
-Aluminum Cans
-Junk Cars
-Salvage Cars
-Stainless Steel
-and more.

We continue to have a twin focus for our business,
1) Public
2) Industrial/Demolition customers. 

This means if you are a large Commercial or Industrial company, you should call our Grant Kiser at 919-710-3805 to discuss prices.  He can give you prices for scrap metal, Cardboard, Copper, Computers and more.
An important part of our company is that we have 5 digital, NC State certified scales that we use to service our Industrial and Commercial Customers.  Almost double our closest competitor, meaning we get you in and out fast and with accuracy!  

Importantly, we sell direct to Steel mills or divisions of steel mills, not to middle men who take a commission, so we pass that savings on to you!
JUNK CARS, Salvage Cars
-Get Cash on the spot
-Any condition, running or not running
-Keys or no keys, engine or no engine
-Call 919-731-5600 for JUNK CAR REMOVAL!

2) Drive it in, or you tow it in!
-Get Cash on the spot
-Any condition
-In and out fast!
Come to us at:
Goldsboro Metal Recycling
801 N. John Street
Goldsboro, NC 27530

When in Goldsboro, LaGrange, Kinston, Mt. Olive, Smithfield, New Bern, come see us at:
Goldsboro Recycling
801 N. John St.
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Tel: 919-731-5600

When in Wilson, NC, Tarboro, NC, Rocky Mount, NC come see us at:
Wilson Metal Recycling JG
404 Maury Street S
Wilson, NC 27893
Tel 252-243-3586
When in Raleigh, Cary, NC, Durham, Apex, Clayton, Henderson, Oxford, Morrisville, Smithfield, Wake Forest, Burlington, Fayetteville, come see us at:
Raleigh Recycling
2310 Garner Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27610

Tel 919-828-5426

Lastly, see below we found on the web
Greg Brown
Tel 919-731-5600
Scrap metals are no more considered as junks as people across the globe have realized the immense importance of recycling scrap metals – one of the most effective ways of preserving the finite natural resources found on earth. Scrap metal recycling is booming all over the world and you might be surprised by its scope and size. These days a considerable amount of the metals used for manufacturing products like structural steel and appliances are recovered or “recycled”.

Rate of metal recycling is increasing steadily. Currently, approximately 45% of the world’s steel production comes from reprocessed metal, along with 40% of the world’s copper production and around one third of the world’s aluminium. According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the United States recycle around 150 million metric tons of scrap materials annually, which include 5.5 million tons of aluminium, 85 million tons of iron and steel, 2 million tons of stainless steel, 420,000 tons of zinc and 1.2 million tons of lead. Other metals like bronze, brass, tin and magnesium are reprocessed as well.

Though conservation of natural resources is the major benefit of scrap metal recycling, there are other benefits as well that have contributed to the rise in metal reprocessing.
Conservation of Natural Resources
As metals can be reprocessed and reused for countless number of times, recycling of scrap materials significantly helps in conservation of finite natural resources found on the planet. According to the estimation of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), reprocessing one ton aluminium can preserve about five tons of bauxite and recycling of one ton of steel conserves 1400 lbs. of coal, 2500 lbs. of iron ore and 120 lbs. of limestone.
Energy Conservation
The method of reprocessing scrap metal is more energy efficient than extracting and refining virgin ore through traditional process of mining. It requires remarkably less energy than producing new metals from virgin natural resources. For instance the estimated energy conserved by recycling metal is:

▏ 90% for copper
▏ 95% for aluminium
▏ 60% for iron and steel
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that reprocessing single aluminium beverage can contribute in conservation of enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for around four hours.
Less Environmental Impact
Mining raw metals from earth with traditional process, results into a number of environmental hazards. It often leads to groundwater pollution, poisonous runoff, destruction of habitat and unstable geological conditions. Moreover, mining also requires good inputs of fossil fuels. Recycling of scrap materials also requires fossil fuel input, but it is less intensive than mining. In addition, metal reprocessing also does not pollute groundwater or results in environmental pollution.

Produces Less Greenhouse Gas
During the production of new metal, a greater amount of greenhouse gas is emitted compared with manufacturing items by recycling metals. Greenhouse gas emissions lead to air pollution and other environmental hazards. According to the report of the Institute of Scrap Metal recycling Industries, the process of recycling metal may reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 300 million to 500 million tons.

Creates Space in the Landfill
Recycling of scrap metals create landfill space for true junks like non-recyclable plastics and discarded food particles. This has helped in reducing the need of space consuming new junkyards near residential centres and allows more productive use of land.

Economic Benefit
Scrap metal recycling service not only benefits environment but the process is also valued for its economic contribution as well. Studies reveal that the scrap metal recycling industry contributes about tens of billions of dollars to the gross domestic product of the country. In 2011, a seminal study was conducted by the Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling. The study shows that around 500,000 jobs were generated by the industry.
With so many important benefits, the world has seamlessly embraced this beneficial procedure of recycling metal for sustainable development. So, from now onwards think before tossing an aluminium beverage can in the junkyard.

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Fred Hoffman has been in the industry of metal recycling for over a decade. In this article he discussed about “Why should you recycle metal?”. He collected these information from various metal recycling service Los Angeles.


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