Sell My Junk Cars for Cash Sell, Sell My Salvage Cars for Cash

Sell My Junk Cars For Cash
Goldsboro, NC, LaGrange, NC
Selling your Junk car for cash is easy to do at Goldsboro Scrap Metal Recycling.  We are not just a junk yard or a Salvage Yard, we are Goldsboro Metal Recycling.  We either arrange for your junk car pick up, junk car removal, or bring it to us.  You always get cash-fast.  We do not care the condition or even if it has been sitting for years. 

JUNK CARS, Salvage Cars

-Get Cash on the spot
-Any condition, running or not running
-Keys or no keys, engine or no engine
-Call 919-422-1519 for JUNK CAR REMOVAL!
2) Drive it in, or you tow it in!-Get Cash on the spot
-Any condition
-In and out fast!

Come to us at:
Goldsboro Metal Recycling
801 N. John Street
Goldsboro, NC, 27530


Sell My Junk Car!—Call us!

We service:
Goldsboro, NC
Kinston, NC
LaGrange, NC
Mt. Olive, NC
Wilson, NC

We are not just a Junk Yard, or a Salvage Yard.  We are the best in service, so if you are saying how do I sell my junk car, call us.  If you need Junk Car Removal, call us.

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