Junk Cars

Junk Cars 
We Pay Cash!
Goldsboro, NC, Wilson, NC
-Cash on the Spot
-Drive it in
-Tow it in
-Great prices!
-Any Condition-running or not
#1 Car Junk Car Buyer
Wilson, NC, Goldsboro, NC
We TowCall 919-422-1519. Junk Car Removal, paying cash on the spot
Drive it inJust come to us at 801 N. Goldsboro, NC, 27530
We make it easy and fast.  Come see us.
Goldsboro Metal Recycling is not just a Junk Yard, or a Salvage Yard, we are the best in Junk Car are recycling and make it easy for you.  We have been in Goldsboro, NC, literally since the 1920s, but are now a high service recycling operation with the ability to handle Junk Car removal fast and pay cash for your junk cars.
We are open 6 days a week to ensure we can make getting rid of you Junk Car (Salvage Car), as easy as possible.  You can call us at 919-422-1519 or 919-731-5600 to arrange for your junk car removal.
As it was said above you can also just drive it in to us at any time.  You just leave us the keys and walk away with cash, or you can have someone tow it in to us and just leave with cash. 
In the old days, you had to deal with a Junk Yard that was a mess, muddy and who knows what really went on.  Today we have all digital scales, fast service and we pay you with cash on the spot, no checks to hassle with.
Another key issue is, in the only days, you had to deal with gas and oil some how.  Now, we take the gas and oil out for you, as, again, just call us for Junk Car Removal, or drive it in.
You may wonder what happens to your car.  We are the largest recycler of Junk Cars in Goldsboro.  Your Salvage car literally is recycled and the old steel is turned into new steel and back into cars or steel beams for buildings.  The copper from the wires is turned into new copper and used in wiring for your house.
The issue is we recycle Junk Cars and Salvage cars.  We even recycling the gas and the oil.  We waste nothing.  Goldsboro Metal Recycling was known as Junk Brown’s decades ago, but is now Goldsboro Recycling.  When it comes to scrap metal recycling, we are the best there is.
We are:
Goldsboro Metal Recycling (Goldsboro Iron and Metal)
801 N. John Street
Goldsboro, NC, 27530
 Greg Brown

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