Junk Car Removal, Salvage Car, Goldsboro, NC, LaGrange, NC

Junk Car Removal
Salvage Car Removal
Goldsboro, NC, LaGrange, NC

WE TOW or You Tow or Drive

Raleigh Metal Recycling is where Junk Cars are a key part of what we do to service the community.  We make it easy for you to drive your car in and just throw us the keys.  YOU GET CASH on the spot.  Or WE TOW-Just call 919-758-3764 to arrange for a fast pick up of your car.  YOU GET CASH on the spot!  

We are currently paying between about $200 and over $500 for cars.  The heavier they are, the more money we pay! 

As for paperwork needed, note that if the car is 9 model years or newer, we need a title.  In all cases we need your Valid State or Federal Photo ID.  This is key to protect both you and the community.  Stealing cars is a serious issue and we do all we can and more to support law enforcement on theft issues.

We make it easy, due to we are not that Junk Yard, or Salvage Yard of the past.  We are the best in Recycling, right here in Goldsboro, NC.  We are the #1 Car Buyer in Goldsboro, North Carolina. We not only buy from people in Raleigh, but we arrange for Junk car Removal as said above, by just calling 919-758-3764.  People drive to us from the below and we drive you to get your car, from:





-Mt. Olive

-Rocky Mount

When it comes to selling your junk car, or salvage car, we are the best in the business.  A key to selling your junk car is that we carefully recycle all parts of your car-even the battery! 

North Carolina has many Junk Yards and Salvage Yards, but we are the largest scrap metal recycling operation in Goldsboro and we are the largest in the greater Triangle with a major focus on buying from both Demolition/Industrial companies and the Public.  When is come to junk cars though, we love them.  Of course you can leave the gas and oil in.  That is why we say you can Drive them in or tow them in.

If you want to know where to junk your car, or arrange for Junk Car Removal, as said call us.
Come see us at Goldsboro Metal Recycling.
Greg Brown


Junk Car Removal

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