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Junk cars are one of key things we do.  Drive them in, Tow them in, or WE TOW!  We arrange junk car removal.  Just call Dave at 919-758-3764.  We will come get your car the same day and pay you cash on the spot.  Cash for junk cars at its best. 
We recycling all the cars we buy, so it is OK if there is no engine, no doors, no tires, no battery.  Junk car buyers is what we are!  We are the #1 Junk Car buyer in Goldsboro due to our great prices and great service.  If you drive to us, or have your car towed to us, you are in and out in 10 minutes with cash. 
Fast, clean and great service. 
We also pay top dollar, so you can get between about $175 and $500 dollars for large heavy old cars or large pick up trucks.
Of course since we say you can drive them in, leaving the gas and oil in, is not a problem at all.  We do not care if it is running or not.  Just drive it in or call Dave for your junk car removal. 
We are not that old Junk Yard, or Salvage yard of the past.  We are Goldsboro Metal Recycling in Goldsboro, North Carolina, the best in Metal Recycling and Junk cars. 
As for paperwork we make it simple.  If your car is 10 model years or newer we need the title.  If older we need you valid State or Federal ID.  Sorry to say, there are people out there that steam cars.  We will NOT buy these news cars, without a title and we will NOT buy a car without the seller giving us their ID.
We have great service, due to we have more scales than anyone in North Carolina, for recycling, so we get you in and out fast.  We say Goldsboro Metal Recycling is the best in the business, due to we mean it and we can prove it.  We keep our costs down by shipping our steel by rail and not truck like our competitors.  We also sell to the steel mills directly, and some of our major competitors sell to brokers (middle men), so we can invest more to bring even better service to our customers.
Of course we do not need your keys.  Again, tow it in or Dave will come get it. 
We should also add we are not a middle man of buying cars on the internet.  Those internet guys that say they are in Goldsboro, NC, cut deals with local people that bring them to us.  We are the real thing, at Goldsboro Scrap Metal Recycling.

When in Goldsboro, LaGrange, Wilson, Kinston, Mt. Olive, Smithfield, New Bern, come see us at:

Goldsboro Recycling
801 N. John St.
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Tel: 919-731-5600

When in Raleigh, Durham, Clayton, Henderson, Wake Forest, Burlington, Fayetteville, come see us at:

Raleigh Recycling
2310 Garner Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27610

Tel 919-828-5426

Junk Cars in Goldsboro, NC, LaGrange, NC


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