Junk Cars, Goldsboro, NC, Cash for your Junk car

Junk Cars
Goldsboro, NC, LaGrange, NC
North Carolina
We Tow-Junk Car Removal! We Pick up!
Just call Dave at 919-731-5600.  You will get paid cash on the spot.  Running or not.  Missing parts or not.  Call us, we make it simple for you.  Typically we come get it the same day you call.  We pay top dollar and fast service!  Junk Car Removal at its Best!  Cash for junk cars!
Drive in, Tow in

If you have a junk car or a salvage car and it is time to get rid of it, bring it to us!  We are buyers of Junk Cars!  We will pay you cash for it.  You are in and out in 10 minutes.  Any condition.  No Engine, OK, no door OK, all rusted OK.  If you want to “sell my junk car for cash”.  We are the place.

Paperwork and requirements
We help you keep it simple.  If the car is 10 years or newer we need the title and your Federal or state Photo ID.  If the car is older, we still need your ID, but do not need the title.
We are the best of the best in customer service.  We are not that Junk Yard or Salvage yard of the past.  We are a high tech Recycling Center that buys Junk cars and Salvage Cars.  You are typically in and out in 10 minutes with cash for your junk car or salvage car.  If you want to know, where to sell your junk car, come to us at Goldsboro Metal Recycling in NC.
Have a question?
Call us at 919-731-5600 and we can answer your questions.  A key is we buy your car in any condition.  Also, for prices, (we pay by the weight of the car), just call 919-731-5600.
Typical car price?
As said above, we by weight.  A small Toyota could pay $150-$250, but a big, heavy old Cadillac or large pick up truck could pay you $500-CASH on the spot.  If you want to know where to sell that junk car, call us, or come see us! 
Condition of Car
Any condition of your car is OK with us.  Broken, running, falling apart, dead, missing engine-we love it.  We do not even need the keys!
Car Parts
Sorry we do not sell car parts.
Junk Yard, Salvage Yard
That is an old name for what we are.  We are now the largest full service Recycling Center in Goldsboro, NC.  We buy all kinds of junk cars and scrap metal.
Gas and Oil
Of course not a problem.  As said, drive it in, push it in or we tow, so of course you can leave gas and oil in.
Where we buy Junk Cars from:
-Goldsboro, NC
-LaGrange, NC
-Wilson, NC
-Kinston, NC
-Dunn, NC
-Warsaw, NC
-Kenly, NC
-Clinton, NC
-Snow Hill, NC
-and more!
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