Today’s Scrap Metal Prices in Goldsboro, NC for Recycling, Copper, Steel, Aluminum

Today’s Scrap Metal Prices
Industrial Demolition & The Public
Copper, Iron, Junk Cars, Aluminum, etc.
Scrap Metal Prices in Goldsboro, NC is something that many people review daily here in Wayne County and the area.  That is one of the reasons why we have made it easy for you to know our prices; we have them on a recording that you can hear by calling us at Goldsboro Scrap Metal Recycling and Junk Cars.  Call-919-731-5600. 
As for where are things now in the market, it is ok, but was clearly better last year.  Scrap copper for recycling was literally 50% higher two years ago and while things stabilized today, it is down about 8% just this week.  Stainless steel hit a multi year low this week.  The lowest since the crash period in 2009.  Aluminum has been a big problem as well, being down about 10% this month.
We continues to do our best to keep our costs low so we can pay you the most.  For our industrial and demolition customers we have installed new systems to support our dispatch and truck drivers.  For the public we now have more scales than any of our competitors in North Carolina, so we can service you the best. 
This means if you are in
-Goldsboro, NC
-Wilson, NC
-Clayton, NC
-LaGrange, NC
-New Bern, NC
-Kinston, NC
-and more!
Come see us for
-Scrap Metal Recycling
-Salvage Cars & Trucks
-Scrap Copper recycling
-Scrap Aluminum Recycling
-Scrap Brass recycling
and more

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