Scrap Metal Recycling, Goldsboro, NC

Scrap Metal Recycling
In Goldsboro, NC and LaGrange, NC
Scrap Metal is how we started.  Yes we now buy Batteries, Cardboard, Computers, Electronics and even some Plastics, but scrap metal is where we began.  In recent years we have even become the largest buyer of Junk Cars in Goldsboro, NC.  Our thanks to Janie Sweat whom one day said “Do you realize how many people hang up when we tell them you have to take the gas and oil out”.  We buy cars with gas and oil so we now buy many cars every day.

Industrial/Demolition and Buying from the Public


More than half our business is buying from Factories and Demolition sites.   We have a fleet of trucks and 5 on staff drivers (14 if you include our sister company 47 miles away in Raleigh), picking up daily or even up to 12 times DAILY from “Fast Track”, demolition projects.  It does help that we own the largest trailer company in N.A. for making Roll off Trailers and Open Top Trailers (BENLEE), so we were the first in Triangle to run 80 yard roll offs for high levels of efficiency and we are the only ones in Eastern, NC that run 130 Yard Open Top trailers for maximum efficiency for your projects.


From Commercial/Industrial/Demolition companies we are buyers and leaders in:

-Scrap Iron and steel recycling

-Copper Recycling

-Aluminum recycling (including Aluminum Cans)

-Computer Recycling

-Electronics Recycling

-Battery Recycling

-Cardboard Recycling

-Plastics Recycling

We even have a separate entrance for large industrial and demolition customers, to ensure fast and accurate service for large loads.

Open to the Public

We are the highest service operation in Eastern with twice as many scales as our nearest competitor.  We think service, we think accuracy, and we think value.  We are the best in scrap metal recycling in Goldsboro, NC.  There is a reason, why people come to us from

-LaGrange, NC

-Clayton, NC

-Wilson, NC

-Mt. Olive, NC

-Kinston, NC

-Camp Lejune, NC

 And more. 

Importantly we are not that Junk Yard or Salvage Yard of the past.  We are the best when one thinks of a Raleigh Recycling Center here in Wake County, NC.  When in Eastern North Carolina, come see us.

Junk Cars-Salvage Cars

If you need to know how to junk your car, or you want to sell your junk car for cash, we make it easy.  We tow, so just call Dave at 919-758-3764 and he will arrange to come get your car and pay cash on the spot.  The best in Junk car Removal.  Or you can just drive it in, tow it in or push it in and we will pay you cash. In and out in 10 minutes.  Fast and clean.

Why Recycle?

There are two key reasons to recycle

1)You get cash.  Fast and easy for many things you would throw away.

2)It helps the economy and the environment.  We are creating great jobs right here in Raleigh, NC when we buy your scrap material.  Most of the steel stays right here in the U.S.  Much of it and the highest grade copper stays in North Carolina to be reused and made into steel beams or copper wire.  Other material we sell to China and the material come back as Ipads, IPhones and computers!

Thanks for reading,

Greg Brown

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