Junk Yard

Junk Yard
Junk yard is what we are, but we are really a great place to get cash for your junk metal and or scrap metal here at Goldsboro Scrap Metal Recycling in Goldsboro, NC.  If you are looking to Junk your car for cash, or dispose of an appliance, we are the best and fastest in the Wayne County for scrap metal of all types.  We are leaders in:

-Junk Cars

-Battery Recycling

-Scrap Metal Recycling

-Scrap Copper Recycling

-Electronics Recycling

-Computer Recycling

-Brass Recycling

-Aluminum Can Recycling


Junk yard is the old name for what we are, but in reality we are a major hi-tech recycling operation.  We no longer are that dirty, muddy place with old greasy guys directing you around a field or in a dirty dingy building.  Our Junk Yard (ok, some say salvage yard) is paved, painted, loaded with digital scales and computers to be accurate, fast and of course friendly.  Instead of taking your old appliance to the dump, bring it to us for cash!  Why toss that old soda can or beer can?  They are made of high value aluminum, so since we are leaders in Aluminum recycling.  Bring them to we and we pay you.  We even pay and extra 3 cents a pound for aluminum cans on Wednesday.

Junk Cars

We are the #1 buyer of junk cars in Goldsboro, NC.  We make it easy.  Drive it in, push it in, tow it in, or WE REMOVE YOUR JUNK CAR!  Call Dave at 919-758-3764 and he will come to you and pay cash.

Aluminum Cans

Crushed, not crushed, we buy them.  We even pay and extra 3 cents every Wednesday!

Scrap Copper Recycling

Wire with insulation, no insulation.  Scrap copper pipe, copper gutters, copper roofs, we buy

Computer Recycling and Electronics Recycling

Computers are getting faster every year, so we all want the best.  We are the best in Computer Recycling, so come see us

Battery Recycling

Car batteries, computer batteries, back up batteries, we buy them

Scrap Copper

Copper wire, insulated or not insulated, we buy it.  Copper pipe, copper roofs, copper gutters, we buy it.

Car Wheels, Aluminum, Steel, Chrome, Car Rims

Aluminum rims, steel rims, we buy

Junk Yard is what some call us, but we are Goldsboro Scrap Metal Recycling right here in NC.  Come see us, or call us at 919-731-5600 for scrap metal prices!

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