Scrap Metal Recycling in Goldsboro NC prices for Alumnium

Scrap Metal Recycling in Goldsboro NC
Prices for Aluminum
Aluminum is one of the many scrap metal items we buy.  As an example we buy Aluminum cans, from soda, juice, beer, etc.  We pay just under about 2 cents a can, we pay by the pound.  A cool thing is Wednesday is Can Wednesday.  We pay 3 cents more a pound for Aluminum cans on Wednesdays.  Of course we by many other types of metal or mostly metal things, such as we are big in Appliance Recycling (washers, dryers, etc) and even Junk Cars!  We can even towing your junk car.  Come sell you old Aluminum cans to us and leave with cash.  For Junk car towing call us at 919-758-3764.

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