Bad batteries- battery recycling (non-alkaline) done here in Goldsboro!

Bad batteries are seemingly not being recycled enough. Plenty of them are sitting right now in sheds, garages, or worse, Dumpsters and forests. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true, too. Part of the reason so many unusable batteries are out there is because many people don’t realize that most batteries are recyclable. Truth be told, though, most bad batteries you can recycle at Goldsboro Metal Recycling, at the corner of N. Greenleaf St. and Royall Avenue!

And if you happen to be closer to Raleigh, you can drop them off at Raleigh Metal Recycling, about two miles from downtown Raleigh. Each location accepts the following types of batteries:
  • Industrial Batteries (that go on forklifts, tractors, etc.)
  • Lead-acid batteries
  • Nickel metal hydride batteries
  • Lithium ion batteries (cell phones & laptops)

Bad batteries we take, believe it or not, at Goldsboro Metal Recycling.

Please come by Monday through Saturday during the day to drop off one or more of your used-up energy cells. You’ll be getting some money for your bad batteries, and you wouldn’t believe how much you’ll be doing for the environment by helping to prevent dangerous lead acids and other chemicals from leaking into the ground.
We’ll give you approximately $0.20-$0.50 per pound, depending on what type of bad battery you have. Car and truck batteries are on the slightly lower end, while laptop and cell phone batteries will usually get you the most for your battery. To discover more detailed information about prices, just give us a call.
So come scrap some batteries and other metals with us in Goldsboro, NC. We pass bad batteries off to major battery processors so they can be reused and so threats to pollution are drastically decreased. And we don’t only take a few bad batteries here and there. We get them, too, from major battery companies and industrial leaders who need to recycle them! Truck loads come in on a weekly and sometimes a daily basis. And we’re a comfortable distance from Kinston, Richlands, Roseboro, Clinton, New Bern, and Jacksonville. Sometimes, even, we’re able to come to you to pick up those spoiled batteries. Check out our list of services.  We also do a bunch of other electronics recycling. Let us know if you have any questions about scrapping a battery, or about recycling anything else, by calling 919-828-5426. We’ll be happy to help! Also, check out our FAQ questions for a little extra information you might not have known.

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