Old Refrigerator & Appliance Recycling in Goldsboro!

Old refrigerator becoming a burden? Is a handyman saying it’ll be a few hundred bucks to simply replace a bad compressor? Protect the wallet and save your money! Why spend it on something that might well break again, especially if we’re talkin’ about a fridge from the ’90s, or before?!  Bring it on down to N. John St. instead, and get some money for that broken-down appliance, whether it be an old refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, dryer, washing machine, ice chest, or some other metallic item! You can get rid of appliances six days a week at Goldsboro Metal Recycling! We’ll have you in and out, and our process is designed to make getting paid for doing some scrap metal recycling more exciting, and more rewarding, than ever before! To get around expensive repair costs, when it comes right down to it, buying a new or slightly used appliance is oftentimes the best choice a consumer can make. Getting an extra $20 or $30 for scrapping that old refrigerator makes a lot of sense in such a case. All you have to do is haul that old fridge down to our yard, just off of Royall Ave., and VOILA! Go around the building until you see our truck scales; then, weigh in (one of our scale masters will inform you of what to do); then head to the old refrigerator delivery area, and woo-hoo, drop that fridge like it’s hot!

Old refrigerator just one type of scrap metal you got?

Perhaps you’d like to bring in some steel, too, since that old refrigerator might be lonesome in the back of the pickup. Pieces of steel make for great items to bring through our truck scales, too. We buy loads of prepared steel, i.e., steel that’s less than 3 feet by 2 feet that have no non-metals attached to them, for $0.25 more per hundred pounds than the bigger steel pieces (unprepared steel (3’x2′ or greater in size)). So, though we’re certainly an appliance recycler, we help the environment and our customers by processing many other metal objects as well.

Care to do some aluminum can recycling, by the way? Check out our article on that!

Old refrigerator recycling isn't the only type of recycling we do! Aluminum can recycling is a cinch here, too, amongst other types of scrap metal recycling!

Other examples of stuff you can bring in are aluminum rims, motors, brass doorknobs, sheet copper, even cars! We welcome any questions you might have about our operation; therefore, by all means, put 919-731-5600 into your phone so we can talk recycling sometime! Remember, whether your coming from places like La Grange, Snow Hill, or Smithfield (all easy drives to our facility) the Public is Always Welcome at Goldsboro Metal Recycling!

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