Copper Wire Recycling in Goldsboro, NC

Copper Wire Aluminum Wire Recycling

Have a nest of on your hands (or in a bunch of boxes or bags)? Wire recycling is easy. Yes copper wire and Aluminum wire!  If you’ve been tangled up in nests of wires one time too many, consider a little something called wire recycling. It’s not as hard as you might think–many people suspect that to recycle their scrap wires, they have to strip each and every one of them. Well, good news to the rescue: Goldsboro Metal Recycling (see address in top-right corner of page) accepts and recycles insulated wire all day long. Actually, of the hundreds or thousands of pounds of wire delivered daily to the facility, more is insulated than not. So no worries; we’ll proudly be the buyer of you’re insulated copper wire or alumiuim wire!

Basic Wire Classification

When it comes to wire recycling, typically if your copper wire is more metal than plastic, we’ll classify it as more valuable. You can take a look at the end of a wire and see how much of its diameter is metal and how much is plastic. Flimsy wires are generally going to be cheaper than stiffer wire because they contain more plastic than metal. Christmas lights and drop chords and alot or copper, for instance, won’t make you as much money as the harder-to-bend wire. Take the comparison below as an example. You can gauge how much metal is in a wire by bending it 90 degrees and then holding it upright like a wand. If an insulated copper wire or maintains its shape after you bend it, it’s likely more than 50% metal, probably copper. If the wire sags, as in the image on the right, it is probably composed of more insulation than anything else.

Stiff wire is more valuable when doing some wire recyclingStill good for wire recycling, cheap wire is usually be able to keep a 90-degree bend.

But is our process of wire recycling environmentally friendly?

Every now and then a recycling company will show up in the periodicals, chided for polluting the environment with by-products from its recycling processes. But Goldsboro Metal Recycling likes to keep its side of the street clean. Every day we take action to abide by EPA’s standards of industry cleanliness and other federal regulations so our staff’s and customer’s experiences at the facility remain nothing shy of commendable.

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Also, you can learn all sorts of other cool stuff about scrap metal recycling and the industry by visiting, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.

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