Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal
Scrap metal is an important part of the economy.  Yes sounds a bit silly, but it is.  New Steel can be made from Iron Ore or scrap metal.  New copper can me made from mined c or copper or scrap copper.  Aluminum can be made from alumina and bauxite, or scrap aluminum. 

The key issue is that using scrap metal can save 55-90+ percent of the energy required to make metal, vs using mined material.  With the US importing huge amounts of energy, using scrap metal helps our trade surplus.  China imports huge amounts of scrap metal, to reduce the amount of oil they import.  With energy prices high, that is driving metal prices high.  High metal prices have been driving metal theft, especially copper theft.  The good news is that with copper prices off their 2011 highs, the National Institute Crime Bureau ( has reported that copper theft is down.

More to come.
Greg Brown

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