Iron and Metal Reycling of, Goldsboro, NC

Iron and Metal Recycling in Goldsboro, NC is part of what we do.  While some say we are Goldsboro Scrap Metal Recycling, iron and metal is a term that is still used.  To be more of a full service operation though we are now major recyclers of Cardboard, Recyclers of Paper and some plastics and wood.  It is also interesting in that the old name for Goldsboro Metal Recycling was Goldsboro Iron and Metal.  Both the Raleigh Recycling and Goldsboro Recycling are now even into Computer Recycling and Electronics Recycling.  Of course we have great scrap metal prices which includes great scrap copper prices.  We will add that many people think of us as being a great Scrap Metal Kinston, NC Recycling Center or even a Scrap Metal Wilson, NC Recycling Center, or even Greenville Scrap Metal Recycling, due to our great service to those areas.  See us at, or

Greg Brown

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