Scrap Metal Prices, NC

Scrap metal prices NC is a subject that is worth explaining.  Most prices for non Ferrous materials such as copper, aluminum, brass, etc can change, weekly or even daily.  You can even go to websites such as CME and watch copper trade (get new prices) real time–the price of copper changes every few seconds.  We are Goldsboro Metal Recycling, do not change prices every few seconds, but it may change as I wrote, daily, or weekly.  Steel is different.  It does not trade daily, or every few seconds.  It usually trades once a month, close to the first few days of the month.  Based on that, steel prices tend to change around the end of each month, or the beginning of the month.  
Importantly as metals change in prices (the price we can sell them for) we do our best to change our purchase price to pay you the most–the highest possible prices.
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