Where to scrap a car

Where to Scrap a Car

Where to scrap a car is the question.  Good news.  Goldsboro Recycling and Junk cars at 801 N. John Street, NC, 27530 is a great place.  Come see us.  We are a great Scrap Metal recycling facility.  You can drive your car in, push it in, or tow it in.  You leave with cash and we pay up to $500+ for each car.  In the Goldsboro, Wilson, Kinston area see us at http://www.goldsboroscrapmetalrecycling.com, or call 919-731-5600.  In the Raleigh, Cary, Durham, NC area, come to see us at Raleigh Recycling Junk cars at: 2310 Garner Road, NC, 27610 http://www.raleighscrapmetalrecycling.com, or call 919-828-5426.

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