Goldsboro Exports of Scrap Metal to China

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Raleigh Exports of Scrap Metal and Junk Cars

We are in Raleigh and Goldsboro to service the public and the industrial community, as well as to have a safe work place and hire people in North Carolina.  There is another great thing that not many people know.  We are one of The largest exporters TO China in North Carolina.  Many of us go to Walmart and buy things made in China, but we at Raleigh Metal Recycling and Goldsboro Metal Recycling sell Scrap Metal, scrap copper, etc., TO China.  I repeat we are helping the NC economy by selling scrapmetal to China.  The scrap metal we sell to China comes back to the US as ipads, laptop computers, etc.  Honestly, it is kind of cool.

Thanks for helping make that happen.

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