Computer and Electronics Recycling

Don't even think about throwing away your electronics! Be Responsible and Bring them to Goldsboro Metal Recycling!

Computer and Electronics recycling are a very important part of our business at Goldsboro Metal Recycling. We buy all types of Computers (Laptops, PCs, Towers, Servers, Mainframes, etc.), Printers, Copiers, UPS devices with Lead Acid Batteries and more. We buy them by the truck load or one at a time from individuals.

North Carolina currently bans the disposal of computers and electronics in landfills, which means you cannot legally throw them away. The good news is Goldsboro Metal Recycling actually buys computers and electronics! Don’t let your electronics go to waste! Get Cash for your Computers and Electronics at Goldsboro Metal Recycling!

Proper care must be taken when recycling electronic items (often referred to as “Electronic Waste”). Electronic equipment of all shapes, ages, and sizes contain dangerous and toxic materials and, when it comes to their recycling, proper handling is essential to the health of people and the environment alike. Goldsboro Metal Recycling is committed to helping this “E-Waste” become the next generation of technology using the safest, least contaminating methods possible.

For more information on Computer Recycling and Electronics Recycling call us at 919-731-5600. Also CLICK HERE to see a list of other commodities and items we Recycle.

Goldsboro Recycling right here in Wayne County, North Carolina is your place for Computer Recycling and Electronics Recycling.

At this time we do not recycle TVs or Computer monitors. If you have a monitor that needs to be recycled, please bring it to one of these two Wayne County Convenience Center* locations:

*Please note that you will not receive payment for items recycled at a Wayne County Convenience Center.