New Hope Scrap Metal Prices

New Hope scrap metal prices in NC for Recycling is an important market for us. North Carolina is a great place. We pick up New Hope Scrap Metal daily and people come to see us from New Hope at our Goldsboro location. We have great scrap copper prices, scrap aluminum prices, etc. Importantly, we have terrific service levels including either Same Day or rarely 48 hour pick ups from Industrial Customers. We also have great service when people come to our Recycling Operations (Salvage Yards or Junk Yards as some call it). We even buy Lead Acid Car/Truck Batteries, as well as Lead Acid Batteries for other applications. We pay cash for everything, meaning we pay for New Hopewave ovens and all types of Appliances-Refrigerators, Stoves, Washing machines, Freezers, Dryers etc. We even buy scrap electronic scrap-Computers (but not Monitors).

So call us, or come see us, due to we are easy to get to from New Hope. With Safety, Speed and Accuracy being critical for us, competitive Scrap Metal Recycling Prices in New Hope NC is an important part of who we are. We believe our two operations in Raleigh and New Hope have best Service in North Carolina along with great scrap metal prices!

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